Sandy Swallow
American Indian Artist
Lakota/Northern Cheyenne

Internationally and locally-renowned
Sandy Swallow-Morgan’s artistic passion began in mid life, as she experimented
with oils and watercolors while living on
a ranch near Pine Ridge. Being self-taught, Sandy created art capturing her spiritual
connection to nature, home and family. Sandy is most well known for her hand-pulled block printmaking.

This painstaking medium provides her
with the ability to create dramatic pieces saturated with deep earth and pastel colors which evoke traditional Native American symbols and images from the natural world. Her prints convey a soothing, peaceful quality which enhance any living or work space.

An enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota Nation (Sioux), Sandy’s fascinating life history
enriches her artistic vision. Her parents Woody and Ethel (Mills) Swallow were ranching when
Sandy was born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Later, while living with her Aunt, she met and married her husband Wayne Morgan and they have three children; Clint, Jackie and Matt. Sandy has always felt an intense spiritual connection to the Black Hills and is proud of
her heritage as both her great-grandfathers were present at the historic signing of the 1868 Treaty at Fort Laramie. Chief Red Cloud was a close friend of her great-grandfather Ben Mills, who married a full-blood Lakota. Her other great-grandfather, Eli Swallow was a “galvanized” soldier and was ordered west to Fort Laramie, where he met Sandy’s great-grandmother, Lizzie Lote, a Rosebud Sioux. The famous indian leader, Red Cloud, and Eli Swallow are buried close together in the old cemetery overlooking the Mission at Red Cloud on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Sandy participated and has to her credit a long list of accomplishments that she has received
from the art world. Winning awards from many art shows such as the Northern Plains Indian Art Market, Sioux Falls, SD; Sweet Willow Indian Market at Great Falls, MT; and Grand River Indian Artists Gathering at Grand Junction, CO have helped inspire her art career.

National recognition of her artwork began in 1999, as she was selected to be the artist for the National American Indian Heritage Poster for the United States Department of Agriculture. This piece was titled “In the eye of a Feather”. 10,000 prints were distributed world wide. In 2007 Sandy was commissioned to provide the artwork for the “USDA Guide to American Indians and Alaska Natives Programs”. this piece was titled “Soaring into the Future“.

Sandy is honored to have displayed her art in many prestigious places such as the Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY; the Newberry Library, Chicago, IL; and at a traveling exhibit
“Through Indian Eyes” for the legacy of Lewis & Clark. Buyers from as far away as Sweden,
England and Germany are anxious to taker her art work home.

Her success as a Native American Artist continues to grow as in 2007, First Lady Laura Bush sent and invitation for Sandy to attend a White House Reception for her painting of the National Parks (Devil’s Tower) for the White House Christmas Ornament.

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