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As a Lakota woman artist, I want to be a link between the Native American culture and others.  I will be sharing my family history.  As an elder I know the importance of not losing the oral stories and history of the elders.

Being an artist for many years, I want to paint a verbal picture for all who are interested.  I have selected special guests that provide insight into the aspects of Native American life today.  So I bring you stories old and new.

Exclusive from Paul LaRoche of Brule`

Exclusive from Paul LaRoche of Brule`

September 15, 2020

Exclusive from Paul LaRoche

In this second interview with Paul you will learn the great opportunity he passed up.  He wanted to remain true to his Lakota heritage and traditions.  Now as Lakota artists we all need to venture into new and different avenues while remaining true to our values.

Paul LaRoche of Brule`

Paul LaRoche of Brule`

September 8, 2020

Paul LaRoche of Brule`

Get to know Paul LaRoche of Brule` just a little better.  He found out he was a member of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe in his thirties.  He and his family have been blessed with a great talent for music.  Although it hasn’t been easy they have become well known and sold over a million CD”s.  They now have an Anthology of their 25 years in the music business.  Their journey will continue in new directions.

LL Ep-18 Lakota Elder Vic Swallow

Lakota Elder Vic Swallow

September 1, 2020

Lakota Elder Vic Swallow

Vic Swallow a Lakota Elder was born on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  He was raised on the Red Shirt Table with his brother and two sisters.  Now an elder at the age of 81 he shares some of his experiences growing up there.  He gives a good background on the tribes that make up the Seven Council Fires.  Having a very good memory he recalls stories his mother Lizzie Two Bulls-Swallow told him.

This song is written and sung by Quincy Good Star.

LL Ep-17 What is Social Distance Powwow?

What is Social Distance Powwow?

Whitney Rencountre grew up on the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota.  Over coming many obstacles he has been able to achieve some of his life goals.  You will learn how Whitney, Dan Simonds, and Stephanie Hebert created a Social Distance Powwow facebook page.  It took off like lighting with over 205,000 members in over 100 countries around the world. Created for people to share and connect with one another.

Among his accomplishments is becoming the Chairman of the South Dakota humanities council.  Husband of a beautiful wife and father of four beautiful daughters.  He has dedicated his life to be a voice for his people.

LL Ep-16 Wisdom from a Lakota Elder

Wisdom from a Lakota Elder

This podcast is especially dear to my heart because it is a conversation about my Grandpa Oliver Swallow.  My elder cousin Vic Swallow shares stories about him.  You will learn what it was like to live on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the early 1900’s.  Everyday life as it was then.

This music is written and sung by good friend Quincy Good Star.

LL Ep-15 Where is the Cell Service?

Where is the Cell Service?

Have you ever thought about the difficulties of living on a Reservation?  Some of the Reservations do not have cell phone coverage or internet access.  Petra Wilson will explain her journey helping with Indian education which led to helping the tribes become connected.  There is a short time frame of September 22020 to apply.  She has studied the problem and can now help alleviate it.

This song is written and sung by Quincy Good Star.

LL Ep-14 Dr. Craig Howe Comes Home

Dr. Craig Howe Comes Home

Leaving the Pine Ridge Reservation to pursue his education.  You will learn why he went to Chicago and Washington DC.  Ultimately his heart brings him home.  In order to create the Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies (CAIRNS).  His goal is to educate the public on Native American history and issues.  Discover why the Tribes are Sovereign Nations.  Join us in this learning journey.

Music is sung and composed by Quincy GoodStar.

LL Ep-13 Along the Banks of the Little White River

Along the Banks of the Little White River

Dorothy Fire Cloud shares with us the freedom of growing up on the Rosebud Reservation.  With the passing of her mother she was suddenly brought into the White Culture.  How that has impacted her outlook and way of life.  Though things were difficult she overcame the hardship through hard work and tenacity.  She became a lawyer and Superintendent of a National Park.  Dorothy is an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.  Come along with us to follow her journey.

Music is sung and composed by Quincy GoodStar.

LL Ep-12 Swallow Tales; Sent Away

Swallow Tales;  “Sent Away “

Can you imagine how it would be if you were sent away?  Away from your home, family and friends.  Seeing a billowing steam engine for the first time. Loudly rolling into the Rushville Nebraska train depot.

Traveling 1617 miles and only 14 years old. This is what happened to my grandpa Oliver Swallow. He was not to return for 5 or 6 years. How did he end up at the Lincoln Institute in Pennsylvania? Just a glimpse of family history from 1870 to 1884. This personal story deserves to be told.

Music is sung and composed by Quincy GoodStar.

LL Ep-10 Paul Harvey of the Prairie – Jim Thompson

“Paul Harvey of the Prairie” Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson a radio and rodeo announcer sharing his connections with Native Americans.  You will find out how he got recognized as the  “Voice of the West”.   Jim shares some of his career history.  We learn how he was able to achieve his goals through years of hard work.  He always has had a heart and understanding of Native American issues.

Music is sung and composed by Quincy GoodStar.

LL Ep-09 A Woman’s Voice

A Voice for those who cannot speak

I felt this was a very important interview.  This subject was personally heart breaking and difficult for me.   As I lost my sister to murder in 1968.  Lily Mendoza has a true heart for those that need help.  Enrolled in the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe she grew up with the Lakota Value of generosity.  She is a warrior woman and a voice for those who can no longer speak.

If you are interested in what is being done and what can be done please join us in this conversation on Missing, Murdered, Indigenous Women.

Music is sung and composed by Quincy GoodStar.

LL Ep-08 Quarantine on the Rez

Learn about the quarantine on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  Ashley Pourier is the curator at the Heritage Center at Red Cloud School.  An enrolled Oglala Lakota tribal member grew up there and then came back to work at the Heritage Center.  She was able to adjust to the difficulties of turning the art show into a virtual on line show.  The Red Cloud art show is one of the most prestigious Native art show in the nation.

Music is sung and composed by Quincy GoodStar.

LL Ep-07 From New York City to the Pine Ridge Reservation

Dr. Tiffany Hale shares what it is like living in New York City during the quarantine.  Having to bike or walk everywhere has changed her day to day life.  She was born in Gallup, NM and has grown up with a strong connection to the Native American culture.  You will find out how her research at Yale University led her to Sandy’s Great Grandfather on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Music is sung and composed by Quincy GoodStar.

LL Ep-06 Swallow Tales by Sandy Swallow

Sandy shares family history.  Eli Swallow her great Grandfather was a Louisiana born Frenchman. How did he get to the Dakota Territory in the 1860’s?  What was to become of a captured Confederate soldier?   Also learning about Oelrichs, SD which was a thriving town in the early 1900’s.Swallow Tales begins with a cup of cowboy coffee in a kitchen on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Going back in time she realizes how her family history affected her art and Lakota values.

Music is sung and composed by Quincy GoodStar.

LL Ep-05 Mike Wise: A Heart for the Lakota

Mike Wise “A heart for the Lakota” Why did a famous WDC newscaster and columnist come to South Dakota?  Mike Wise has many impressive credentials in the sports world.  He is also a well-known author and is writing a book on Billy Mill’s life.  Who are the warriors that are Billy’s ancestors?  What are the three most memorable stores that Mike has written about?

LL Ep-04 Zack Ducheneaux: CEO of Intertribal Ag. Council

Zack is enrolled Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.  He explains to us how and why Intertribal Agriculture Council was created.  A very interesting and informative conversation about our national food chain. What impact has the covid-19 virus had on it?  What are some of the problems Native American farmers and ranchers face that unique to them?  Learn the answers in this podcast.

LL Ep-03 Billy Mills Olympic Gold Medalist Pt. 2 – Footprints

Why are his footprints so important to the 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist?    As other people have walked through his life, he will share their impact on him.  Learn of Billy Mill’s Lakota values.  Lessons that he has learned and may apply to our footprints.

LL Ep-02 Billy Mills Olympic Gold Medalist Pt. 1

How did it come about that Billy is an enrolled Oglala Lakota?  Sharing some of intimate family history.  He comes from a long line of Warriors.  How is he and his wife handling the quarantine and his views on it?  What are some of the Lakota values that Billy has?  All these questions will be answered on this podcast.

LL Ep-01 Sandy Swallow’s Introduction to Lakota Link

Sandy is an enrolled Oglala Lakota, she shares her life experiences as a Lakota Artist, mother & grandmother.  She is proud of her Native American heritage.   She is honest that life has not always been easy. You will enjoy her insights as well as the interviews of her guests.  Lakota Link is one way to learn about Native American culture.  You’re welcome to walk this journey with her and learn how to apply Lakota values to your life.