My Family Ledger Art - Sandy Swallow

My Family Ledger Art

Sunboy, Lighting Girl, and Starboy How would I as a Lakota Woman have portrayed my story on a Buffalo hide? The first thing that comes to mind is my family. As a wife and Mother my first thought was my children.

Newberry Library

A Wild Trip to Chicago

The Vanishing Buffalo

Road to Wounded Knee, Pine Ridge, SD

We had experienced a reprieve from the harsh winter weather for a few days. So we decided to drive down to the Pine Ridge Reservation. Often on the news you will be shown pictures of the poverty and hardships there.

The “Oyate” Love the Black Hills

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I am thinking of things I love. Just a few of these are: chocolate, popcorn, and coffee. Sitting on the deck having a cup of coffee with my husband is a real blessing.

A Knock at the Door – Traditional Lakota Generosity

Generosity ( Wacantognaka ), is one of the four traditional Lakota values. A Lakota is to provide for their family. But also it was very important to help the needy in their tribe. The Tribe was a cohesive group that depended on each other to survive. The strong help the weak.

The Oyate Still Standing Strong

We went on a Buffalo hunt on the Pine Ridge reservation last week. It was a long journey through back roads to the Buffalo. The roads were snow packed and slick making it slow going. Though we left early we were racing the clock as it was starting to get warmer.

My Aunt Jo’s Cowboy Coffee

Greetings this fine January day from a Lakota Unci.

January being the rockin’ month I was born, I thought perhaps some of you would like to learn about Lakota values.

Starting with Generosity.