My Aunt Jo’s Cowboy Coffee

Aunt Jo

My Aunt Jo

Greetings this fine January day from a Lakota Unci.

January being the rockin’ month I was born, I thought perhaps some of you would like to learn about Lakota values.

Starting with Generosity.

When I was young I lived with my Aunt Jo on the Pine Ridge reservation here in South Dakota. Aunt Jo was a tall heavy set beautiful Christian Lakota woman. Uncle Bud and she had many unexpected guests out at the ranch. Who ever happened to drop by for a visit were offered a cup of “cowboy” coffee.

Their coffee brewed on the wood stove all day long. Add more coffee grounds and water through out the day. By the end of the day it was thick and dark and a spoon might have stood up in it. You were always enticed to have a cup.

In this fast paced world, with our communication primarily being phones, computers, and the internet. Nothing beats taking the time to be face to face, listen, and care about one another.

Mark 9:41